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From: "the Hamiltons" <>
Subject: [Scotch-Irish] Family Lore - McWILLIAMS
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 22:41:47 -0600
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I have been fortunate enough to hook up with about 16 other people on our
McWilliams line in PA. There was a family story that passed down for
generations, apparently , about two little girls in the family who were home
alone when a couple of Indians came. The girls hid, the Indians were
looking for food and there was a pot of soap cooking on the fire that looked
yellowish, like grits. The Indians tasted the stuff and ran out the door
and the girls were safe.

Well, this Indian/soap story appears in about 4 of the other families, but
it is always different. Sometimes the girls are adolescent boys; or grown
men who come back to plant secretly while the rest of the family stays in
the fort, or men who are actuallly named; or the soap is a hard block of
soap; or they hide in the field or the attic. It is so neat to see how the
kernel of truth is there, but it is like that "rumor" or gossip game, it
changes just a bit.

I hope this story isn't a repeat, I feel like I am having a Senior Moment
here and maybe already shared it -- if so, sorry!

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