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Subject: Re: [Scotch-Irish] O'Hart's Irish Gentry, Vol III "When Cromwell Came to Ireland"
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 17:13:25 -0700

Hi Coral,

SUPPLE shows up. There are names such as CAPPAGH that could
be your name. You'd need to do a detailed study.
P 285 Garrett SUPPLE had his land confiscated in the barony of
Orrery and Kilmore in County Cork.

P 325 in the Inrolments of the Decrees of the Innocents we have
Edmond, Gibbon, Joane, John, Martin, and WIlliam Supple.
P 344 in the list of Persons transplanted to Connaght we have
SUPLE: Ellen, Joan, Pierce, Richard, Shylie and
SUPPLE: Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, John, and Patrick

On p 438 in the grants of grace are SUPPLE, Jane John, and Martin.

On p 29 in the BARRY family, Viscounts of Butterant, County Cork
we have David, who d 8 Jan, 1639. He married first and Ellen
Hacket and then Eliza, daughter of ? SUPLE, by whom he had
a John BARRY.

This is probably an ANglo-Irish family. In Griffiths there are lots of
them, still in the southern half of Ireland. All spelled SUPPLE.
Yep, McLysaght says it was de la Chapelle, came with Strongbow.
Found in Cork and Limerick. Gaelicized to Suipeal .

Do they appear in the Americas early?? Some might have been
transported by Cromwell.

Linda Merle

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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 11:26:47 +1200

>Hullo Merle,
>May I ask if the name CUPPLES/CAPPEL/SUPPLEE appears anywhere in vol 3,
>Coral CUPPLES Woon

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