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Subject: Re: [Scotch-Irish] O'Hart's Irish Gentry, Vol III "When Cromwell Came to Ireland"
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 15:20:59 -0700

Hi Peter, I'm cc'ing the list so I don't have to type it all
in again, like last time I did lookups. INstead we'll say:
See the archives! See the archives!! (All that stuff is still
there, new folks).

We have a MURRAGH, p 339, on the list of Persons Transplanted in
Ireland. SO we know already we got ourselves a probable Catholic.
Poor thing, her husband is gone: MURRAGH, Joanne Ny (that's in
the Irish style Joanne ny Murragh). She's on the list of ones
transplated from Limerick, city and county.

MURRAY is on the list of surnames often mistaken for Saxon, p
43, p67 in a pedigree of EVERARD of Fethard. THis town is to be
considered by O'Hart as the cradle of the Everards in Tipperary.
He does not seem to know if they are IRish or Anglo Irish. Lots
of info given on this prominant family of recusants (Catholics).
In 1661 the male descendents of the eldest son of a Sir John
became extinct. The 2nd son was Richard, created a Baronet in
1624. SIr John's will made this provision for Richard: "I doe
apoint that my son Richard shal have and enjoy all my purchased
lands from Sir Patrick MURRAY in Clangibbon." Richie married
Catherine TOBIN, in Fethard. p 506 in the lists of King James'
general and field officers we have Sir Charles MURRAY as a man of
note who came with King J from France. We have on the list of
people who purcheased forfeited estates in the 1702-1708 timeframe
Michael MURRAY p 520. IN The Irish American brigade under Meagher,
we got p 568 Timothy MURRAY, Lieutenant, 63rd, NY, Volunteer.

In the list of Papist Proprietors for COunty Kerry, Barony of
Clannoroght, we have Edmond McMoyle MURREY, Dermott McOwen (Murrey)
and Mortagh MacRyry MURREY.

These records of course have not survived for all of IReland.
Checking McLaysaght, he finds Scottish Murrays (Yours) and Irish
ones in Ui Maine and very numerous ones in DOnegal. We have ONE
O'MURRY, ops, two on p 821: Donogh and Rory declare the mselves
innocent during the Commonwealth in the Records of Ireland.

So either the records for Donegal do not survive or the O'Murrays
were not landowners and so didn't face plantation.

As I said, there are not Scots farmers in the book, but I hope yo
do find some trace of them.

Not sure what location you mean. Lurgan is ambiguous as there was
a place of that name in the Shankill parish in Antrim and of course
the town in Armagh.

Murrays in both -- no doubt Scottish Murrays.

Linda Merle

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From: "Peter Murray" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 21:02:46 +0100

>Dear Linda
>When I first subscribed to the site I asked you to look up Murray for me and
>it had a negative response. I see Murray is referred to in your message.
>Can you make any additional information available?
>I have been looking for a David Murray, a Farmer, and a son Robert who was
>born in Lugan 1832 and would have been Protestant. That is the only
>information available.
>Thanks for the interesting comments from you over the weeks.
>Peter Murray

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