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From: <>
Subject: [Scotch-Irish] From List Admin: Please, NO MORE CANADIAN EDITORIALS
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 08:30:53 -0700

Hi folks, we remain under siege here from a barage of copies of the
Canadian Editorial. But God is on our side and only a limited number
of these have managed to hit the list. I hope God continues to misguide
the fingers of the unthinking.

Dear Canadian friends, please do not send us any more copies of
this. The first one was much appreciated, the rest are overkill.

Help us out in this time of crisus: LIBERATE INTERNET BANDWIDTH.

By doing so you help to foil the next Evil Plot. This is the one
where the Bad Guys send a banal post to everyone in their address
book that says at the end "Send this email to everyone in your
address list". Even Viruses usually only
hit a portion of these innocent victims, but with your help, EVERYONE
can be hit. Much higher percentage of DIRECT HITS than possible
with a computer virus. Then while the Army of Darkness spends its
hours spamming victims in their address book, we will be unable to respond to real threats due to jamming of servers and relays everywhere.
Do not witlessly become part of the army of darkness sucking up
America's national resources in this time of crisis and driving the
rest of us a little crazier.

To repeat: Canada, Ack, Ack. We have received the editorial, and we mightily appreciated Copy Number 1. Really, but please don't send us
any more copies. We have all sent it to everyone in our address books
and posted it to all our Internet lists. We know you like us now.
It did help. Well, copy number 1 did. Copy 22 made me want
to schedule surgery for the worsening carpal tunnel syndrome.

Mucho gracios,

Linda Merle

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