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Subject: [Scotch-Irish] Re: Scotch-Irish-D Digest V01 #311
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 21:52:00 EDT

Lone Douglas writes

<< The listing indicates the residence is in Ulster Province, County Antrim,
Kirkinriola Parish, Lower Toome Barony , Ballymena PLU, TownParks Townland,
Albert Place.
Would anyone who is familiar with this location be so kind as to provide me
with the name of the Presbyterian Church in that area for that time period.>>

According to Brian Mitchell's "Irish Churches and Graveyards," the
Presbyterian churches/graveyards in the mid-nineteenth century were:

Ballymena, Ballymoney Road
High Street
Meeting House Lane
Wellington Street

There was also a Kirkinriola Church which is not identified as specifically

All of these churches are on Ordinance Survey Sheet number 32 or can be
identified geographically from Brian Mitchell's "A New Genealogical Atlas of

You can contact PRONI or the Presbyterian Historical Society in Belfast to
find out if they have records for the time period you're interested in. The
Historical Society also requires you to get permission from the current
pastor - if a congregation is still active - to consult even the historical

I also found two really interesting websites yesterday.

This first is for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. It has pictures,
location and historical information about many of the existent churches in
Antrim. Some of the individual websites tell of mergers and absorption of the
older congregations. The link is:

The second is a similar site for the Reformed or Covenanter congregations in
Ireland. It doesn't have quite as much historical information, but does have
addresses and contact people. It's

Good luck!

Karen Booth

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