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Subject: Re: [Scotch-Irish] Ballymena - Rainman - BOYDs!!
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 15:07:20 -0700

Hi Colin,

>The following interests me as my McWILLIAMS ancestors seem to have
>come from this area, my g grandfather John McWILLIAMS was born in
>Ahogill in 1826 and his brother James in Ballymena in 1846, how do I
>access this information, bearing in mind that I live in Australia.
>Is this on film/fiche done by the LDS or is it in book form that I
>would have to buy?

The Ordnance Surveys are in print. You can buy them -- over the
Internet even. Or find them in a library. The FHL also has them
but in book form.

You can also check Books Ulster and other second hand/antiquarian

THough there are of course plenty of sons of William of both
Irish and Scottish origins, the McQuillans (the Irish/Welsh clan
that lost out to King James I and his buddy Randal McDonnell)
were settled in this area. It would take DNA tests to sort
it all out, I suspect.


Linda Merle

>Colin in sunny Mango Hill, Brisbane.
>> The Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland: "Parishes of COunty Antrim
>> Vol VIII" includes Ballymena and West Ballymena. This consists of
>> histories done about 1830. All kinds of info including rates of
>> emigration from the parishes. This volume includes lists of the
>> of those emigrating from Ahoghill in 1835 and 36 as well as lists of
>> migrators: people who annually migrated.
>> Snip>

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