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From: (William Stranney)
Subject: [Scotch-Irish] Surname interests
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 17:56:32 +0100

Dear All,

I've been so absorbed in reading the discussions, requests on this list and replying to some, that I don't think I ever got round to declaring my own interests (forgive me if I have already). Anyway, I'm interested in any information I can get on the Stranney surname and variations (Straney, Strany, Stranny, Strainey). My own family of Stranneys used to live in Castlescreen townland about 3 miles due south of Downpatrick in Co Down. All available records suggest that they spelt their surname "Straney" up until about 1880.The Tithe Applotment records and an old lease have given me evidence of Straneys living there in 1833. Nothing before 1833 on them. Having come to a brick wall there I did what the experts recommend and started casting the net wider, looking for evidence of other Stranneys/Straneys in Co Down firstly, and then further afield. The theory here being that I might get clues to help with my own family. This latter pursuit has taken on a life of its own and I now !
pursue a two-pronged search - one is my family history research and the other is a one-name study on Straneys of the world. I use the spelling Straney as it is by far the most common spelling.
My mother's surname was Dick. I haven't researched them as much. No particular reason other than that I got hooked on the Stranneys and their townland first and that has kept me well occupied to date.
I don't have any particular qualifications for being on a Scotch-Irish list other than that I find this list interesting; I feel both Irish and Scottish (Dicks-Scottish and Straneys Irish/Scottish/other); one day I may discover some Straneys who once lived in Scotland, moved to Ulster and then emigrated to the USA; and I am willing to give advice and help to any "true Scotch-Irish" who have ancestors who came from my home neck of the woods.
Thanks for reading this.


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