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From: Michael Cassidy <>
Subject: Re: [Scotch-Irish] English Customs
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 10:20:11 -0500
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>By the way, Ireland was rarely, if ever, under the control of one sovereign
>ruler. I could also argue that the island never had one specific culture or
>ethnicity. The statutes of Kilkenny dating from the Fourteenth century
>speak against Anglo-Norman subjects marrying native Irish. Guess what,
>those same French speaking Anglo-Normans are still in Ireland today, and
>they're NOT loyalists. What about the Danes? What about people from the
>areas now known as Galloway and Cumbria settling freely in Ulster since,
>well, the dawn of time?

as for "under the rule of one sovereign," you'd be hard pressed to find a
period of longer then 5 years when the British island [scotland, wales and
england etc] was under one sovereign. there was a continual sweeping up and
down the island of armies.

according to the british, all civil wars in ireland and kenya were tribal;
all civil wars in great britain were great and important wars dealing with
great and important world issues

were the people from Galloway and Cumbria settling ireland i thought the
irish were settling in wales england and scotland and then once in while
coming back to ireland to visit their relatives?

history is many threaded and you grab the threads that interest you or
justify your political/social/economic positions.


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