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From: "Merle, Linda" <>
Subject: RE: [Scotch-Irish] methodical approach
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 16:31:43 -0800

Hi Knut, I fear the problem is that the records you seek of
Ulster emigrants never existed except quite sparsely. There were no lists
kept of people who left Ulster or of people who arrived
in the Americas. The American colonies didn't keep lists of British
citizens arriving, except one in a while. Britain didn't begin to keep
lists of those leaving until almost the 20th century, if I recall
correctly. There are some lists of some who left. Those are largely
published -- and indexed in Passenger and Immigration Lists by FIlby.
You can also get them in book form (at your local library) and CD
at I beleive Brian Mitchell published a few
lists of folks leaving Londonderry in the 1770's.

So there isn't enough data to do such a study. Generally what you
have is a family tradition that the family came from Ulster but you
have one durn hard time proving it or locating the family in Ulster.
This is not due to Irish records destruction. This is due to no
records being kept. In Ulster there were no centralized lists of
tenants, so it is hard to find them in Ulster. Tenant farmers didn't
tend to register deeds in Dublin or to leave wills.

Most were Presbyterians so they didn;t have bishops. Most Presbyterian (or
Catholic) church records do not begin till after 1800.

Still, collecting names and building databases will help us all. No doubt
about that. Ours is at .

Linda Merle

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