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From: "Knut W. Barde" <>
Subject: Re: [Scotch-Irish] methodical approach
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2001 23:41:42 -0800
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In order not to reinvent the wheel, it would be useful to put together a survey
of compilations that already have some of the data.

I just noticed on familytreemaker they are selling 2 cds about Irish immigrants
between 1803 and 1871, and 1846 -1865.

My personal interest lies with the scotch-irish immigration from the earliest
times (When scotch-irish first becomes a meaningful designation. Would that be
1717, the first wave, or should one go back to the trickle that started decades
earlier?) to about 1760, and for good measure extended to revolutionary times.

To the extent the scotch-irish are subsumed within the general irish and or
scottish immigration during the time periods described above, a way of
separating the scotch-irish out from the rest would have to be devised.

Given that "scotch-irish " is a designation first invented in the US, one would
also have to devise an operational/functional definition of who to include, so
that the data base is "pure", something other than a general scottish and or
irish list.

Linda certainly is keeping us on our toes as to what is properly scotch-irish.
To the extent the term is a self-selected, post immigration label of pride,
unrelated to the term in the strict sense, the decision as to who is in and who
is out may be hard to make. I am sure no one wants a DAR organisation for the

The whole point is to simply trace the migration from Ulster (and would this
include only the presbytarians, but also whatever catholic, anglican,
episcopalian, and other denominations fit the pattern of scottish settlements in
Ulster and emigration from those settlements to the colonies?

What about a scottish presbytarian who went to parts other than Ulster and then
came to the colonies? Is that person scotch-irish?

I think just on the issue of definition people would come to blows.


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