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Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 23:19:47 -0600
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Well, now

I thought this was over but it is not, apparently. Edward is not having a
bad day -- it was that awful message full of the kind syrupy BS that makes
genealogy look bad. Edward's comments were right on and if someone had
their precious feelings hurt they ought to go where the standards are lower.
As they say in Texas, if you can't run with the big dogs then stay on the

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> >Subject: [Scotch-Irish] Dear List, this was my first day being on the
> >and I am very unhappy
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> >I received a reply to my James Hunter info from another researcher. Some
> >his remarks were in my opinoin rude and certainly not called for. What I
> >sent were "Notes" that I copied from a book written on my ancestor and
> >is what the reply had to say, "it was rubbish" and "Stick to known
> >your hunt for your ancestors is exciting enough without having to spice
it up
> >with wrong history, and difficult enough without having to make
> >He also asked "what is pure scottish blood?"
> >
> >That means they were from Scotland, what else? I am assuming he thought
> >I sent was my own words and not notes from over 100 years ago.
> >
> >I am only trying to find a connection to my family, I have enjoyed the
> >correspondence I have had so far in all my research except for today. I
> >sorry I don't wish to discuss the religious (Presb vs Catholic) just
> >for my family.
> I'm sorry you had a bad experience your first day on the
> list. Normally, the Rev. Andrews is very courteous. I'm not sure what
> him off, but, having read your note, I can assure you that it was nothing
> you said. I'm guessing he's having a bad week. I hope you'll overlook
> his remarks, and that you continue to subscribe to the list.
> Best wishes,
> Nancy Arvay

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