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Subject: Re: Newry in Armagh
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 14:10:17 -0800

Hi Catherine, in general, this is not your first option, anyway
because clergymen are not paid to do genealogical work. More and
more people want records searched. The solution has been that
records are filmed and provided to genealogists in repositories.
Genealogists should always try to use these first and only if
the records are in local hands should they attempt to contact the
local church. That's what the professionals say, anyhow.

My experience is that that is the best advice.

In Ireland you can often determine if a church's records survive
and where they may be by consulting Ryan "Irish Records". If he
knows that the records are filmed by LDS, then he provides the
film number. If the records are indexed, he indicates who has
indexed them, as well as the dates for which they exist and
where they are deposited or if they are locally held. The difficulty
with this book is that he identifies Presbyterian congregations
by their physical location, as if they were a parish. They are not.
In Newry there are undoubtedly many Presbyterian congregations.
Your ancestors may not have attended the closest one, or they
may have changed congregations so you will find baptisms in several.
Be aware that 1830 is right on the edge for such records even
existing. Presbyterian and Catholic church records start late in
Ireland -- a consequence of them being illegal for so long.

Many Presbyterian church records are filmed and in PRONI.

You can also find many in LDS itself. The Vital Records fiche is one
way to search. You can also search the catalog by Irish county.

Your problem is which church -- otherwise you will have to contact
them all. I suggest you search easily available ones first or use
the Ulster Historical Society, which I think has indexed many of
them. They are probably the fastest way to search a lot of church records quickly. Even if you live in Belfast, cranking through hand-
written, unindexed church records at PRONI is laborious. A computer
index is much much faster. Once you do locate the family, you can
then spend your time focusing on THE church rather than searching
for them through many.

If anyone is on the list who has access to any Presbyterian church
records from your period -- that's also an excellent start.

If you do contact a church, send along a cash donation. This is the
standard advice provided in genealogy courses by instructors.

Best of luck,

Linda Merle

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Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 15:10:30 EST

>Hello Listers,
>My Gibson family left Newry in the 1830's for the US. They were
>Presbyterians. Is it possible to contact a church there to look for records?
>Catherine Gibson Havemeier

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