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From: malinda jones <>
Subject: Re: McAndrew in Griffiths
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 01:46:42 -0600
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What a great idea !

Do you know if they plan to do other surnames as well ?
...or if they already have ?



> Hi folks, the Rootweb Review, a free ezine sent out by
> rootsweb ( carried an announcement today
> of an on line database of all the McAndrews in Griffiths.
> What is Griffiths? Ireland have no surviving complete censuses
> for the 19th century. England and Scotland have the 1841,
> 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 (on CD now) and the 1991. Not Ireland.
> We have wee bits of 1821 and 1831 (on CD and at LDS and
> sometimes on the Internet. See We also
> got two surveys done for the purpose of, basically, taxes.
> Griffiths, done mid century -- the Famine, and the Tithe
> Applotment. Both of these are complex to use. You need to read
> up on it or take a class, or both.
> The Tithe Applotment was done in the 1820's or so (varies with
> location). So you got two snapshots and only head of household.
> But its something. Griffiths index is now on CD.
> Anyhow here is the URL for the McAndrews database. Note that
> it wraps aroud.
> McANDREW SURNAME IN IRELAND. Includes maps showing the
> distribution of the McAndrew surname in Ireland in the mid-1800s
> as listed in the Griffith Valuation Index. [Note two-line URL.]
> Ireland_McAndrew.htm
> Linda Merle

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