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From: "Virginia Beck" <>
Subject: Re: More Genealogy....please!
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 21:00:25 -0700
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> I would rather have MORE discussion! I am learning so much, and I
appreciate the time people have taken to write out the explanations.
> Frances Montgomery
> New Orleans

Agreed! I have been on this list for a long time, and these discussions are
the main reasons I stay. Since it isn't a list that is likely to provide a
direct link to ancestors (as opposed to a surname list), its main purpose is
to steer us into areas of research that may help us find them. Equally
important to me has been the history and lore of the SI people! I am many
generations removed from my SI immigrant ancestors, and treasure each one of
these exchanges that tell me so much about their lives, and the reasons they
may have immigrated. Religion was such an integral part of that history, it
cannot simply be ignored or glossed over in understanding our SI heritage.
As long as the discussion remains informative and dispassionate, I don't
understand the objections to the subject. Use that old delete button & let
the rest of us enjoy it.

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