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From: Dr Stuart Ross <>
Subject: Re: Church of Ireland?
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 12:12:33 +0100
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mmm, dunno. the mary movement and other oddities not in the bible is what
gets many a sheep straying!
assumption, "immaculate" conception, etc. though in a historical sense the
prime movers were probably those collecting the coffers!

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From: Edward Andrews <>
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Sent: 05 October 2000 10:21
Subject: RE: Church of Ireland?

> > Excuse a wee comment from one who has little knowledge of these
> > things, but
> > a lot of the conflict seems to result from a disagreement about the
> > hierarchy of the religious organization rather than a difference in the
> > actual religious beliefs .
> > Thanks to you both, I have learned a lot from your discussions, and
> > appreciate the exchanges. Virginia
> That is absolutely right. in the 17th Century there was very little
> difference either in form of worship or doctrine in Scotland. Things were
> slightly different in Ireland. The question was that of authority, King,
> Pope, or Bible? This is still substantially the major division in
> Christendom.
> Edward

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