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From: malinda jones <>
Subject: Re: McKeever's
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 13:01:10 -0500
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HI Charlie......what do you make of the surname KEEVER w/o the "Mc" ?...origin wise, we
thought they were Hessians, but the list expert over there says that Keever isn't a
German surname and has always been very rare. The list owner/expert at
Am-Rev-Hessians-L said the same thing. I saw a gedcom on-line somewhere that said Henry
Keever , the immigrant (from Hesse-Nassau) was Huguenot (French Huguenot....of course,
that could cover a lot of territory that was traditionally German).

My Great Grandfather Keever spoke German and was a Presbyterian.

Any ideas ??...................thanks, malinda

"Charles.Clark" wrote:

> Linda Merle wrote:
> > Hi John,
> > Your MacKeevers are statistically more likely to be Scots, given that so far
> > we see no evidence of an indiginous Irish sept in Down. This would throw a
> > wrench in your Scottishness. Some of the Down Irish fled from the O'Neills
> > into Galloway in Scotland, so, well ,in the end, as Charlie Clark said, we're
> > all Irish one way or another. No big deal.
> Did I see my name being taken in vain again? Oh, well, must stick my oar in and
> have tuppence worth. I'm currently going through the First Report of Francis Dobbs,
> Barrister at law,
> "TO The Right Hon. Lord Viscount O’Neill, the Hon William John Skeffington, Patrick
> Duigenan, Esq.
> Doctor of Laws and Judge of the Court of Prerogative, Conway Richard Dobbs,
> Alexander M’Aulay,
> Edward Hill, and William Hamilton, Esqrs, Trustees of the Charitable Fund
> bequeathed by ARCHIBALD HUTCHINSON, Of the Middle Temple, Esq. Deceased, Of the
> Names and Degrees of Kindred of such Claimants as have established their right
> before him, to a share in said Fund, in pursuance of an Act passed in the last
> sessions of Parliament."
> In other words a report on the list of Claimants to the Hutchinson Bequest, as
> described in Rev George Hill's Stewarts of Ballintoy, among other places. I've just
> found a McKeever, though he is probably from County Antrim rather than County Down;
> at least Ballintoy is in county Antrim, and that's what this report is all about
> although I am sure the various descendants settled all over Ireland.
> "Ann, the daughter of said Thomas and Isabella, and her husband James Stewart had a
> daughter Margaret, who married William Thompson, their daughter Ann married Denis
> M’Keever; Rose, their daughter, married Simon Frizel, and is related in 5th degree"
> This is a bit earlier than Sandra Burgess's "gr-grandfather, David McKeever,
> emigrated to Canada
> > from the townland of Ballykilbeg in Co. Down, Ulster in 1858", Thomas and
> Isabella were alive in the mid-1600s, and Dobbs's report was written in 1796
> Charlie

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