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Subject: Re: Are the Ulster-Scots Celtic?
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 13:30:55 +0100

Well now THERE'S a question....I can answer that with an emphatic "YES and NO"

As others have said there is none of us racially pure any more - probably
haven't been for generations and more - and thank goodness for that - say I!

While *I* feel no affinity with anything Celtic (pronounced with a "K" or a "C"
- "Tiddley-aye" music bores me rigid, and I'm a Rangers fan!) - at the same time
I have sympathy with (note "WITH" and not "FOR" ;-) ) those who have - so long
as they are not using it as a stick to beat "the other side" with, of course.

I am approaching this from a different viewpoint than many others here in that,
while I was born and bred in South Down, wnd my Fathers ancestors are from here
(and probably Scotland at some stage in the past) my Mother and her ancestors
were from London so given that mixture, I am probably correct in calling myself
ONLY British - not from a POLITICAL perspective but from a genealogical one.

But I have friends who would describe themselves as Unionist/Loyalist, but would
consider themselves Irish AND British (as in "Scottish and British" or "English
and British"), and "Keltic" to some extent.

Basically if you are white skinned (no racism intended here!) from (or derived
from) Northern Europe, you will almost certainly have SOME Celtic blood. How
"Celtic" you feel, will come down to how much of a mixture you have and what you
have been taught and/or beleive.

That's my tuppence ha'p'orth anyway.....


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