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From: Malinda Jones <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 10:02:57 -0600
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Good morning ....

Thought I would also mention the recent (to me) discovery that some of the
Huguenots fleeing oppression and destruction both after the St Bartholomew
Massacre of 23/24 August 1572...and later after the 1610 murder/death of
Henry Navarre fled to Ireland as well as England (and Switzerland, Germany,
America and South Africa). In fact ....there is a theory that my Douthit
surname morphed from the original Huguenot Doucet to Dowthwaite in England
and then from that into Douthit in Ireland .

My John Douthit Sr was born 9 May 1709 in Coleraine, Londonderry in
Ulster.....what do you think my chances are of finding info on him ? ...and
where do you recommend that I start looking ? He grew up to be a
Presbyterian weaver and is buried in a Moravian cemetery in NC. He married
Mary Elizabeth Scott and migrated from Monocacy MD to NC. One of his sons
(Wm Douthit) was born in Frederick Co MD Dec 1745 and died in Rowan Co (now
Davie Co ) NC in 1799.

I would like to pursue the Ulster part I have enough info to
start ?

Malinda Jones

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At 07:54 PM 3/30/2000 -0800, The Jansen Family wrote:
>Could McCage be a misspelling of McCabe?

Gee, it could be . Trying to determine a surname's origin, especially
in Ireland, which like the New World, has constantly received immigration
for hundreds of years, is very difficult. A single surname can have and
often does have multiple origins. So which one is yours? Until you
trace it back to a specific locale and find that tradition has preserved
when that name came into the community, you don't know.

Genealogy however should be scientific -- well -- that is unless you
don't mind it if your descendents debunk all the work you did! You
proceed from the known to the unknown and gather proofs.

Could be worse! One lady here is looking for Karug -- family claims the
grandmother was born in Scotland! Best guess is it is Craig.

Nothing wrong with being descended from a wealthy English merchant!
You got a chance of finding some information on him at least.

Linda Merle

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