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From: John Flinn <>
Subject: Re: Comerford
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 09:23:12 -0700

And Nessa, b. ca 1060, was the dau. of Llewellyn ap Griffith of Wales.
John Flinn

Linda Merle wrote:
> Hi James,
> >Is the surname Comerford of Scot and/or Scot-Irish origins?
> There's really no such thing as Scotch-Irish names - the names are
> Scots or Irish or other things, but the ethnic group known as the Scotch
> Irish, has no unique surnames.
> Other than that, the surname is not in Black "Surnames of Scotland" or
> Bell. O'Hart "Irish Pedigrees" identifies them as new settlers who settled
> in Waterford. Another family of the same surname settled in Wexford with
> Strongbow. The surname is English.
> In Griffiths Valuation index there were still ones in Dublin, Sligo, Kilkenny,
> Waterford, Wicklow, Carlow, Cavan, Galway, Queens. LOTS in Kilkenny.
> Except for Cavan, really none in Ulster -- and with the wide dispersal, I would
> have hazarded a guess at it being English. Quite possibly some other lines
> arrived with Cromwell's army -- or them two Norman families sure did breed!!
> Vol 2 (Evil Settlers <grin>) has lots of references to the surname.
> It's not in my English surname dictionary (but neither are some of mine).
> Check IGI at -- bet you can tell where it came from
> in England with no trouble. If the name came with Strongbow, big chance
> it was the Welsh Marches or South West Engerland, like Devon, or
> Bristol, since that's where Strongbow and his cousins came from. It was
> actually a "family affair" -- most of those Norman leaders were descended
> from a Welsh princess named Nessa, if I recall correctly.
> Happy hunting!
> Linda Merle

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