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From: Linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Comerford
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 20:08:46 -0800

Hi James,

>Is the surname Comerford of Scot and/or Scot-Irish origins?

There's really no such thing as Scotch-Irish names - the names are
Scots or Irish or other things, but the ethnic group known as the Scotch
Irish, has no unique surnames.

Other than that, the surname is not in Black "Surnames of Scotland" or
Bell. O'Hart "Irish Pedigrees" identifies them as new settlers who settled
in Waterford. Another family of the same surname settled in Wexford with
Strongbow. The surname is English.

In Griffiths Valuation index there were still ones in Dublin, Sligo, Kilkenny,
Waterford, Wicklow, Carlow, Cavan, Galway, Queens. LOTS in Kilkenny.
Except for Cavan, really none in Ulster -- and with the wide dispersal, I would
have hazarded a guess at it being English. Quite possibly some other lines
arrived with Cromwell's army -- or them two Norman families sure did breed!!
Vol 2 (Evil Settlers <grin>) has lots of references to the surname.

It's not in my English surname dictionary (but neither are some of mine).

Check IGI at -- bet you can tell where it came from
in England with no trouble. If the name came with Strongbow, big chance
it was the Welsh Marches or South West Engerland, like Devon, or
Bristol, since that's where Strongbow and his cousins came from. It was
actually a "family affair" -- most of those Norman leaders were descended
from a Welsh princess named Nessa, if I recall correctly.

Happy hunting!

Linda Merle

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