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From: "Theresa Jones" <>
Subject: Re: John Moore -----Dublin
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 10:05:58 +1000

Hi Mike,
I have found 4 entries for children for John and Hannah:
1775 - John Moore
1775 - Margaret Moore
1786 - Anthony Moore
1800 - Mahala Moore (9/5/1800)
These were found when I looked up births/christenings, collectively, for
John and Hannah.
The strange part about it is, that, these are the only ones I could find,
and, when I entered their names individually, I couldn't get a match!
They are all reported to have been born in Green, Pennsylvania.
Just to add to the confusion....
Details for Hannah Armstrong say that she was married to John Moore abt.1775
Then if you do a search on John Moore... it says that he married Hannah
Armstrong abt.1799.... can leave one chasing ones tail a lot of the
time unfortunately.
Don't know if this helps any, just thought, as you couldn't find any record
of the female births, you might have been interested in these.
They might lead to someone who has better records.

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