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From: "Virginia Beck" <>
Subject: Re: WARNOCK
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 21:04:01 -0700

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Richard: I appreciated the compilation of all the messages. My daughter, son-in-law and I made a four-month tour of the U.S. from late April through September this year, and I unsubbed from most of the lists while we were gone, so missed quite a bit. Our primary aim was genealogy research in the places where our ancestors had lived, but we also visited family & friends and did a lot of sightseeing. We had a great time, and much success in our research!

Thanks, too, for the great website -- I will spend some time with that! I also sent it to the SI List.

At this point, I can see no connection between your line and what I know of mine.

It was interesting to compare what I thought was true when I sent the first post about my Warnocks with what I have learned since. It seems the part about William James serving with the British may be true, but, since he was already married when he came to this country, he probably was not in the British Army. He would more likely have been a Loyalist -- but neither case has been documented. Another line of descendants has him serving with the colonists. I tend to think that he must have served with one or the other. Note that he and his wife had their first son in 1776, then there was a period of five years before the next three were born in 1781, 1782 & 1783. Given the state of birth control in those days, I would speculate that chances were good that he was away serving in some army during those five years -- the very years of the Revolution. . Unfortunately, speculation doesn't count in genealogy. A lot of descendants have been looking for some proof (other than o!
ral history & family letters written two or three generations later), but have come up empty so far.

[ I notice that I left out his birth county, Tyrone.] Past research by earlier generations turned up quite a few Warnocks in both Tyrone and County Down. It seems there were two families, not connectioned, at least in the 1700s, though both are supposed to have come from Scotland in the 1600s. The early researchers managed to tangle the lines together pretty thoroughly, and their errors have been passed down, and are now proliferating on the net. A sobering reminder to be very careful.

To the list:
This is part of what Richard reminded me of:

Here is your email from last March:
I have recently learned that my earliest known Warnock ancestor, William James Warnock, came to this country as a member of one of the military companies that served under General Cornwallis during the American Revolutionary War. A letter written in 1906 by Taylor Warnock to Wesley Warnock tells that William James Warnock's company "was surrendered at Yorktown by Cornwallis". It also states that he would not return to Ireland because he had killed his brother in a hunting accident "mistaking him for a deer in the red brush", and that "we believe the Warnocks were of one common family who were originally of Scotland . . . driven out by persecution and settled in the Northern part of Ireland".
Any information you may have or any suggestion about how to locate the regiment in which he served will be greatly appreciated.
Virginia W. Beck ><

[and my most recent post to him]

I found your post in the Ulster Genealogy list. I have traced my WARNOCK line in this country back to William James Warnock. Family records say that he was b. about 1750 in the Parish of Cappagh near the town of Omagh, [County Tyrone] within 26 miles of Londonderry. He immigrated to America, perhaps with one to three brothers, around 1770-1773. His wife was Elizabeth Carlisle, and they are believed to have married in Ireland before immigrating. They had four sons, whose names were: Samuel Laken Warnock, b.1776 James Warnock Jr., b.1781 George Johnson Warnock, b.1782 William J. Warnock, b.1783. The family originally moved from Scotland (Dumfreeshire?) to Ireland in the 1600s.I would like to be able to trace the family, at least to their place of origin in Ireland, and will appreciate any information you might be able to give me. Thank you, Virginia W. BeckSan Diego, California, U.S.A.><

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