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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: MCLATCHIE or variations
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 23:16:27 -0700

HI Mat and all,

On McClatchie and McLetchie among the variations of McLatchie.
I'd keep an eye out for MacLeckies and Leckies too, alas. There's
a lot of both in the area of Stirling (Scotland) my father's family is
from. They sound just TOO much alike....

The other thing about this area is that one of the Stirling lairds got
himself some land in the Larne area at the time of the plantation and
brought over some of his tenants. So the surnames are the same.

I beleive there is a lot we can do with tracing the origin of the laird
back in Scotland. They sure didn't advertise on the radio for Irish
tenants! They brought over those they knew. I had noticed the surname
similarity and wondered about it, and later read in a local history
that it was so. I posted that info a while back and now I don't remember
it myself!

Linda Merle

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