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From: "Brian McConnell" <>
Subject: Re: Irishmen soldiering for other countries
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 06:35:23 -0300

Linda, Charlie and all:

It's rather interesting how it seems many of us can be both -
Scotch-Irish and Irish. But, it also seems you have to leave Ireland
or Ulster before you can see that. Over there the lines are often
still more clearly drawn.

My experience was mixed as well. More recently the ancestors were
generally Orange but then back a bit some on my mother's side
supported rebellion. Then earlier with names like McConnell (coming
as some say from the Gaelic Mac Dhomnaill) and Campbell they were all
Catholic I guess.

That's why I try not to get too caught up in the politics. While
investigating and trying to learn about Orange heritage and culture
with the Canada Orange Mailing List at I also, as a
founding member of the Annapolis Valley Gaelic Society, have had for a
number of years an interest in the Gaels and Gaelic language which you
can see from the Web Site of the Annapolis Valley Gaels at

Sla\inte! Cheers!

Brian McConnell

>> >So I am not saying you are wrong (wouldn't dare!) but just
muddying the
>> >waters a little. Studying anything in Ireland was never meant to
>> >simple! And yes we mostly do love cognac.

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