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From: "Dick" <>
Subject: Re: Irishmen soldiering for other countries
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 18:59:13 -0500

As a member of The Clan Donald, which I have always held to be more than a
mere Scottish clan on the strength that Somerled would never have thought of
himself as a Scotsman, but more likely a "Somerledian," I have been pleased
to note that the Lord Lyon is considering the claim of McDonnell of Antrim
for the chiefship/chieftainship of Clann Iain Mhor. This is in spite of the
fact that they are Roman Catholic, and that also pleases me greatly. My
reasoning comes from the fact that initially all of the Highlanders were RC
and it is time that religious differences ceased to matter. Further, the
Antrim MacDonnells figured so significantly in the history of the Gaels,
particularly Alasdair Mac Colla (MacAlustrum in Ireland) in his sparkling
generalship in support of Montrose. The Clan Donald men of Antrim, Clare
and Glengarry were all represented in Colquitto's forces and they all belong
with a great clan that exceeds Scotland in it's membership to include Irish,
Scots-Irish and Manx as well as Scots. Clan Donald should take it's place
as truly a clan of Gaels, and without exclusions.

Domhnallaich Gu Brath,

Dick Hudson

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