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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Irishmen soldiering for other countries
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1999 08:47:54 -0700

Hi Annalee

>Richard Hennessy has come up before. He was Irish, although I don't know
>if he was Scots-Irish. His was an officer for Louis XV of France. He
>retired, bought land along the Charente river in the Champagne region.

No, sorry, his name would not be coming up here, most likely. The Scotch
Irish are Protestants. They would not tend to be officiers in Louis XV's army.
This isn't so of the Scots, by the way. In Scotland politics were (are)
different, so you find Jacobite families who may be Protestant who still supported
the Bonnie Prince, for instance. The French had a "Scots Guard" for a very
long time, and it was common for some families (of a Jacobite leaning) to
send sons off to serve in the French army. This is the Scottish "Auld Alliance".

Things were different in Ireland. In the 17th century Ulster Scots serving
in foreign armies would be found in the Swedish army and other Protestant
armies during the Thirty Years War, not the French (Catholic) or the Spanish.

However over on our cousins' lists, Ireland-l (etc) you will find many who
know a lot about Irish Wild Geese -- and that's where you would go to
seek more information on them. There's been a couple books written on
them as well. I do not recall the names since they are not germaine to my
interests and the world is full of folk who study Irish wild geese and hardly
needs another one. Sometimes the folk who know a lot about it are not
on the genealogy lists but on the political ones.

You are asking the wrong folk, in a word. Though we mostly do love cognac!

Best of luck,

Linda Merle

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