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From: Mary Mills <>
Subject: Re: Fwd: NI Tour: Watch What You Eat
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 06:04:32 -0500

Interesting Note: E coli may be passed from infected cattle manure used to
nourish growing vegetables, etc. Wash your lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and
everything else very thoroughly. I have found that my lettuce lasts longer when I
use warm water and drain thoroughly before storing in a lettuce keeper. Sorry,
Linda, but thought this was an opportune time to share this life saving
information. Mary

linda Merle wrote:

> Hi, I've been requested by a listmember to warn the list to watch what
> you eat in Ireland (same goes for wherever else you are). The lister says
> there is an E Coli breakout and 20% of the beef is contaminated. E Coli
> is nasty stuff -- and you can get it in the States or anywhere where you
> live. I gather the incidence goes down if you eat well-cooked meat.
> My dog (elderly) has a permanent e coli infection of the ears. She has
> been on the most powerful drugs the vets could give her -- used for bone
> infections, with no resolution. As long as you clean the ears and apply
> lots of herbs (far cheaper than bone infection drugs and better for the dog),
> she's okay, but lord help me if I get it from her. It must be "foot in ear"
> disease, she's got. (I never put my feet in my ears any more.....<grin> or...
> could be a side effect of the "other" problem --- you know, that place
> where I sometimes tuck my head to rest it...)
> Anyhow I'm a vegetarian but you can get the stuff from unpastorized
> fruit juices too, so watch out, in Ireland or wherever you are.
> Regards,
> Linda Merle

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