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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Fwd: NI Tour: Watch What You Eat
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 19:40:41 -0700

Hi, I've been requested by a listmember to warn the list to watch what
you eat in Ireland (same goes for wherever else you are). The lister says
there is an E Coli breakout and 20% of the beef is contaminated. E Coli
is nasty stuff -- and you can get it in the States or anywhere where you
live. I gather the incidence goes down if you eat well-cooked meat.

My dog (elderly) has a permanent e coli infection of the ears. She has
been on the most powerful drugs the vets could give her -- used for bone
infections, with no resolution. As long as you clean the ears and apply
lots of herbs (far cheaper than bone infection drugs and better for the dog),
she's okay, but lord help me if I get it from her. It must be "foot in ear"
disease, she's got. (I never put my feet in my ears any more.....<grin> or...
could be a side effect of the "other" problem --- you know, that place
where I sometimes tuck my head to rest it...)

Anyhow I'm a vegetarian but you can get the stuff from unpastorized
fruit juices too, so watch out, in Ireland or wherever you are.


Linda Merle

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