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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re : Monaghan , Ireland
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 22:17:20 -0700

Hi Malinda

>Hi Linda .....what about the name McGarraugh....does it fit in here some
>where ?...Malinda Jones

I donno! that spelling isn't in Griffiths at all. You have McGarra in Westmeath
and McGarraghan, McGarraghty, McGarragil, McGarrahan... These names are
Irish names heard by Englishmen. McGarragh and McGarry are offten taken
to be the same....Under MacGarry Bell says it is common in Leinster
and Connacht as well as Ulster. I have an ancestress who was a McGeary
in Western PA, where there was a huge family of them, but I've not been
able to fit her in. However one McGarry researcher recorded the best
oral history. She claimed hers were descended from the king of Sligo and
the sister of King James!! The MacGearys, even the Protestant ones,
are known for liking drink...... you can see the result -- you start imagining
some strange genealogy.

I suspect my great great great great granddad bought her from the Indians
(he was an Indian scout). Since she was a McGeary, I suspect the Indians
sold her cheap because she was giving them a hard time!

Linda Merle

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