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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: List Encouragement
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 07:37:40 -0800

You are all great at generating ideas.

For myself I'm not interested in geographical focus. We got those lists
and even more important, websites as references. You've helped me
come up with a name ---if we need another list. Not sure we do.
Probably the list would carry most if not all US or new world traffic.
Question to others: does the American stuff bore you? Would you
prefer to not have to listen?

Name I like: SI-Trails.

Hopefully a webpage would "capture" the best stuff on the list,

>I get the impression it's starting to take where do we go
>from here?

No where, fast. I am completing the FAQ this week. I thought I would have
it done this weekend, but I gotta do some more stuff. Hopefully tomorrow
night I can upload some stuff.

Then I got some other stuff I need to do. However there is nothing to stop
us discussing these topics -- and I'll capture the best for the resource page,
which I will have this list critique before making public -- so you can demand
I take off your stuff if I did so or properly credit you, etc.

My immediate goal is got enough up there to announce it and to get closure
on a couple projects already started before starting others . Not doing so is
a major fault of mine.

Also I will be watching the Rev. Martin and the other stuff I am putting up to
see what happens with it. BTW anyone who has additional info on the
names fo family, etc, who came with him -- or who have folk in South
Carolina or related areas email us. BTW I cannot put y our gedcom up.
Rootsweb don't allow. (Any why would I want to take up my space with
YOUR family????). It's not hard to get some space and put your family on
line and then we link to you from the SI webpage. What I have in mind is
short comments like "<yourname> is researching BillyBob McHick who
came on the "Earl Grey" with the Rev McUptightAsHell . They had the following
children BillyBob Jr, BillyJoe, BillyBilly, BillyDally and were run outta town
by the gov for making hootch in 1840, so they moved to WeLikeItHere,
Tenn where some later left for EverythingsBig, Texas. " Then some cousin
in WeGotLostHere, Texas says "Hot dog! That's us, ma!" and you gotta
add another chicken wing to the reunion potluck.


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