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From: Christen Rosamilia <>
Subject: Re: Celtic Crosses
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 18:01:48 -0800

Great Story Linda. Happy to see your post Tony. I'm new, if you don't
recognise my name. So, I wanted to share:
Two nights before I signed onto this list I had a dream. I lived on an
Island, where there was nothing but steep cliffs, and in the house I was
in, there was a small strip of sand on each side. The ocean came in
ever nite and road out ever day, and left for the daytime a small strip
of beach. There was a celebration going on and I was taking pictures,
but they didn't know what a camera was, so I kept it out of site. Then
I was walking at a higher elevation and lost one of my shoes, and
realized how sharp the rock was. After my second post, I received
information from Linda about the original inhabitants, and the next day
(Saturday), found this book "Sun Dancing" about the origination of the
Monastery at Skellig Michael. The second chapter reminded me so much of
my dream it was uncanny...
Christen A. Rosamilia

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