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From: Leo & Linda Schreiber< >
Subject: Re: List Encouragement
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 22:50:26 GMT

Linda Schreiber here.

You guys were busy while I was away! Lots of good points!

I like the webpage-links tryout idea. This makes a lot of sense.
This kind of complex-topic maillist could spiral out of control before
we even fully defined what it was really for (gr). Maillist sounds
easier, but I suspect it's not really. And you then deal with archive
issues, etc. One step at a time, eh?

My "votes" and comments as things stand at the moment (These are just
ideas to spark discussion) :-)

Yes, Scotch-Irish and Germans. (And any others that were around then,
but these two were the most numerous by far.) Whether or not they were
associated in the Ireland or on the boat over, they certainly met in
these early settlements, intermarried, and all seemed to move together
in bunches ever after. In the early parts of my line alone the
Carricks (S-I) and the Hoovers (G), the Skeens (S-I) and the Gosses
(G), and others, were all one big "movement" from very very early on.

Yes, at least Chester/Lancaster/York Counties, perhaps in their older
forms, those county boundaries in place in the period we're looking
at. I still would vote to include the Carroll/Frederick/Baltimore
tier of counties as primary ancestor settlements. The very very
earliest immigrants may have been in the current PA area, but many
were in the northern tier of Maryland within a decade. And so all
their brothers and cousins coming over then often went directly to the
MD counties. I have particularly found current Carroll Co to be rich
in brand-new S-I and German immigrants in the early to mid-1700's.
But as long as the Wagon Road is covered, so are these areas. That
will do me fine. Not worth even a teeny argument :-)))

Yes, the Wagon Road is a pretty good focus. But we should also expect
and welcome queries from elsewhere when they are looking that
generation back. The area we are discussing is where many families
split. For example, of three brothers, the eldest and his family go
with two cousins' families along the western PA>OH>IL northern route.
The other two brothers' families head out with a cousin or some inlaws
into VA>NC. It depended on where land was affordable when you were
ready to move, and on who else was going there that you liked and
could work with. As we look backward, we all end up looking for each
other in this same cluster of counties. Or perhaps the Northern
Trails idea would be better, as long as those who moved south would
still be welcome :-)

I know absolutely NOTHING so far about html, and page creation, and
e-maillist creation. I know I can learn, but learn-as-you-go can be
slow and clumsy. This bunch seems a bit eager for that (gr). But I
will certainly volunteer to do some of the browsing and research to
pinpoint local history and genealogy sites and references with
relevance to these migration patterns and their locales. If need be
( I will volunteer to collect peoples'
sites/info/references and organize them so that the wonderful person
who volunteers to work up the webpage (one of those grins that has a
pleeeze? in it) can receive them in checked and sorted chunks. I
would also be very happy if someone else wanted to do this stuff, but
if I'm going to push the idea I feel I should offer to help.

Some possible ideas on what kinds of links should be included:

Palatine/German/Swiss genealogy and migration history
Ditto Scotch-Irish et al
Info and/or links on the major relevant migration patterns
Early history of land distributions and land records in the
area at this time
Shiplists concentrating at least initially on the
Philadelphia/Delaware/Baltimore landings of the period
Info and/or links on shifting county boundaries in this region before
some decided decade, preferably with same-size maps so they
can be overlaid (What do we want here? 1800? 1780? 1830?
Can't cover it all.)
Distribution, locations, and types of available vital records
Info/registry on known name changes over time (these sometimes
differed by whether people headed west or south;
interesting eh? should be useful)
Religion patterns, conversion patterns
Naming patterns for both Scotch-Irish and German.

I must be missing dozens of things! What???

It would be lovely to grow to a query page, and then to a maillist.

What do you all think? It's best to hash things out early, eh?
Ideas? Arguments? Non-flaming criticisms?

Linda Schreiber

>Hi, all…
>Linda Merle wrote:
>"…How about instead we engage the community? Lets start a discussion on
>this. Anyone want to compile the good stuff? Then we can do "roll
>out" much faster....Ie, I create a link on the central webpage to the
>new pages and we're off because they just need put into HTML. (Which I
>can do)…."

Leo and Linda Schreiber

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