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From: Leo & Linda Schreiber< >
Subject: Re: List Encouragement
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 18:55:08 GMT

I absolutely love the idea! But I would like to propose a broadening
and a simplification, both at once. See below.

>>Does anyone think we need separate lists to these?
>>Amen, Linda! In the 18th century, 200,000 Scotch-Irish, and at least
>>10,000 German immigrants landed at ports on the Delaware River (Chester,
>>Philadelphia, New Castle). The vast majority headed west, many
>>ultimately southwest, to Virginia and North Carolina. Almost all of
>>these passed through Lancaster County and western PA. Many stayed for a
>>time (Working off passage costs? Accumulating the wherewithal for their
>>own farms?)

A vast number of family hunters will eventually need to research the
cluster of counties where the Scotch-Irish and German (and a few Welsh
and English) migration folks 'stopped off' for a generation or so and
then went on, moving west across PA/OH or south to VA and NC/SC and
then west. I would propose a single list to cover the
'cultural-functional' cluster of counties, rather than a cluster of
lists. This would include...what.....4 or 5 PA counties? and 3 or 4
MD counties that used to be PA but were all part of the pattern.
[Hint- many of the ancestors "from PA" have all their records listed
in MD now :-(( ] And it would need to be fairly specific to the
migration pattern, not just a conventional query list for all those

This works really well for one of the NC lists,

It is for "Old Rowan Co", which was once about a third of the state.
This area grew very fast (mostly from the same folks we're talking
about), and the county transitions are insane. As one researcher put
it, "Your ancestor could have stayed on the same homestead and lived
in four counties in his lifetime." That, of course, means his
children could have been born in three different counties, yet in the
same bed :-)) There are something like a dozen counties that now make
up this area. Combining the full area for posting purposes has been
IMMENSELY helpful.

We would have to think up a name, though. Listing 4 or 5 PA counties
and the 3 or so MD counties might make for a really long address line
:-)) This region was used by the same people in the same way at about
the same time, however. There are undoubtedly people researching the
same set of immigrant sibs, intermarriages, and kids, but querying
different county and state lists in the search, and missing each

"Old Grand Central"?
"The Watering Hole"?
"S-I-G Motel"?
Sorry....Just being silly.

What do you all think??

Linda Schreiber
Leo and Linda Schreiber

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