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Subject: RE: Won't You Tell Me About the Depression?
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 11:39:37 -0800

I saw the preview for this movie and it is said to
be a true story. It is called "October Sky". I
haven't seen the movie, but it's based on a book
by Homer Brickman, the main character. A teacher
in Santa Monica, California offered extra credit
for students with a ticket stub from the film. Supposed
to be very inspiring. Not all parents want their children
to do better, I guess. Strange!

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Subject: Re: Won't You Tell Me About the Depression?

Frances M. Magrabi wrote:
"Let me just conclude that my parents saw to it that all their children
graduated from high school. They wanted us to go to college, also, and made
enormous sacrifices to give us the chance."

I heard a review about on the radio about a new movie out that is a set in
WV in the 50"s. According to the reviewer, this boy wants to be a rocket
scientist and has to fight his father who wants him to work in the mines
like him. This does not ring true with my experience with my blue collar
family from WV. and KY. who encouraged us to study and stay out of the
factories. This too was in the 50's in Ohio. I went to the University of
Akron and my classmates were pretty much in the same boat.

Does anyone out there want to add to this?



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