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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Military History
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 11:39:09 -0800

Dear Bill ,

Yes, Britain families, clans, and counties, er,COUNTIES, were associated
with certain regiments. (Most of our ancestors -- lemme say all of them
in Ulster since the 1600's at least -- are not clanfolk. If yours were --
you are on the wrong list -- You need to seek out a list that specializes
in strayed highlanders, not Ulsterfolk.).

Several speakers at recent British Isles Family History Society in America
conferences, speaking on British military and its records, have made this

Having said that I'm not much up on sorting them out! I did recently find
in LDS the catalog to the Kews holdings on Scottish musterings since
the early 1600's. It is fairly that you find the Earl of Mar
mustering repeatedly from Stirling. (This interested me -- family on the
Scottish side is from Stirling). I'm in the process of copying it (it is not
under copyright, folks) and maybe we can get it on the internet. Once
you find out that E100/24/123 is a mustering by Lord blah blah out of
Spott (my ancestors actually ushered forth from it in East Lothian. I
wonder if they said "out, out! Dread Spott!" when they did so....) you
gotta find some innocent who will go to Kew and look it up. He's gotta
be willing to read the old scratchy handwriting and you gotta be willing
to pay. I'm also investigating another book which I hope has got them
printed in....will report back!

Which brings us to Ireland.......Where I'd like info myself. Specially,
The pattern of recruiting officers in the army in Ireland at the end of
Cromwell and into the Restoration? I am researching a fella who
was Quarter Master. He might be my ancestor. If so he is Scots --
Ayr...which makes sense, given the period. He disappears of course
as we near the crisis of the Glorious (cough) Revolution as Protestant
officers were replaced. If my ancestor, he fought for King William at
the Battle of the Boyne. Does anyone know the names of the regiments
that were in Ireland during this period or a book on it? What is confusing
to me is the shift from "occupied" by an English force (ie Cromwells)
which is "disbanded" and its replacement by an army supposedly Irish
and responsible to the Irish parliament, not the English or Scottish.
I guess I just gotta read more history....Groan.

Sorry, didn't help -- but may be we could embark on a project to
map the names of the regiments in Ireland to their home counties?
It might even result in the rest of our cousins appreciating us!

We are admonished by the professionals to study the army since there
are many good records -- but first you have to know the regiment.
If you know the county perhaps the regiment can be guessed.

BTW we were told recently at a confernce in Costa Mesa that there is
a project under way to index the Kilmainham records. Kilmainham (of
famed balladry) had a pensioners' hospital like Chelsea. Some of the re-
cords are in the Chelsea records but others not. This would be an entry
way into military reocrds by name -- not regiment and would allow you
to identify the regiment.

Linda Merle

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