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From: "Charles.Clark" <>
Subject: McClintock
Date: Sat, 06 Feb 1999 14:25:26 +1300

Marilyn Canfield wrote:
> My McClintock line left Ulster for the USA and settled in Chester Co S. Ca.
> I have no way of knowing when they left Scotland and settled in Ulster..
> they would have been a sept..and according to the Clan Finder on
> they could have belonged to the Colquhoun or the MacDougal,
> yet on the website Scots on the Net,one identified with Clan Cunningham ,
> one with Macintosh and two with Colquhouns, which could indicate there were
> different tribes of McClintock..MLintock's roaming is one to
> know ..and certainly there would be no Tartan..yet a cousin was able to have
> one drawn up in Scotland in 1995..based on supposed research. So anyone can
> have a
> TARTAN these days?
> M.McClintock Canfield

Don't know too much about the tartan - as I understand it the fashion
for Scotsmen to wear those silly dresses is a recent phenomenon and
Billy Connolly is the only Scotsman I know of who can fill one out
properly, but as for the McClintock family in Ireland, Burke's Brish
Family Records (1978) lists two McClintock families, of which one is
probably a branch of the other, ie early records are lost.

The family of McClintock (cos Derry and Tyrone) - which traditionally
claims (see, for example, Burke's Landed Gentry, 1851 Edn) to be a
junior branch of Lord Rathdonnell's family (see Burke's Peerage,
presumably the 1970 Edn, I haven't followed this up yet.Baron
Rathdonnell appears to be a part of the family below) and of the family
given in the next article (qv) - is probably descended from Lieut
Alexander McClintock, of Taboyne and Castrues (d 14 Sept 1689) son of
Alexander McClintock, of Trintagh (d 1670). A connected descent can be
proved from (about 100 years later)

The family of McClintock (cos Antrim, Carlow, Donegal, Louth, Tyrone and
Tipperary) descends from Alexander McClintock, of Argyllshire, purchased
estate of Trintagh, co Donegal 1597, m, and had issue, Alexander
McClintock, of Trintagh, co Donegal, m 1648, Agnes Stenson (d 6 Dec
1696), dau of Donald MacLean, of Argyll, and d 6 Sept 1670, leaving
1. John, of Trintagh, co Donegal (and among other things, ancestor of
Baron Rathdonnell)
2. William, of Dunmore, co Donegal, Capt Donegal and Tyrone Militias
(and a forbear of mine, via the family of Stevenson and Clark)
3. Alexander, of Taboyne and Castrues, co Donegal (see the family above)
4. Jean, m - Smith

There's more, several pages of details, which won't scan too well but
may be what you are looking for, if you are interested. It's highly
unlikely that as a descendant of this family you should be interested in
wearing tartan - the family is Irish for 400 years which is rather
longer than tartan has been fashionable. Your "cousin (who) was able to
have one drawn up in Scotland in 1995..based on supposed research" has
been had by a fast-talking sales pitch. I suggest you bring to his/her
attention Edward's comment " That's right, even the Japanese - we need
the Yen."

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