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From: "Verne R. Horton" <>
Subject: Wearing Tartan
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 10:55:21 -0800

Dick Hudson wrote:

"I have heard it said that one may choose to follow a chief without the
ancestral heritage. That, however, does seem a bit silly to me. Also,
the idea of "following a chief" is a bit far fetched in this day and
age. One might readily ask a Sutherland clansman if he wishes to follow
his chief back to the water's edge from which his kinfolk were evicted.
In truth, it's all in fun now. This is particularly the case here in
the US."

Actually the term I've most often heard was pledging "filial allegance" to
the Clan Chief. Well, Webster defines "filial" as, "as from a son or
daughter"...and you know
what that gets ya these days! <g>

Regards - Verne

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