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Subject: Women's costumes (was Kilts)
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 11:25:24 PDT

Hi, re the thread on women -- does anyone have a book
with a picture of the women's outfit? If so can
I get a copy somehow? My sister does costume and
pattern design. She says if she has a picture she can
make one. I want one.

She has a home-based business of making costumes.

I think she inherited the "sewing gene" from our
grandmother Eva Kelly. My grandmother won a prize
in the 1940's from a New York radio station that
was looking for "Weird things". A neighbor "turned
in" my grandmother. It appears the chickens caught
a disease and lost their feathers. They were cold.
My grandmother sewed little outfits for them. They
were custom fitted. So we have a photo of my grannie
in New York next to a chicken in a shirt and pants.
With such people for your ancestors -- who knows
what we will do?? Just some inspiring oral history.

Linda Merle

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