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From: "Thomas P. Smith" <>
Subject: Re: Those Wacky Diasporas
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 17:36:01 -0800

Rob Hilliard wrote:
> Tom,
> >I'm a bird
> watcher so can it be applied to migrating feathered friends?
> I'd vote no on that since the birds come back every year. But then my
> vote is worth just about the time it takes you to reach the delete key.
> >Aside to Rob Hilliard - are you the same person wholived in Kings
> Ill. and tried unsuccessfully to beat me at the game of 8-ball?
> I had to respond on the list rather than in private e-mail in order to
> defend my impugned honor and billiard skills. Now let me say this
> about that -
> It is a matter of distinct pride that I consider myself an outstanding
> pool shooter. In fact, my opinion of my skill increases exponentially
> with the amount of Harp and/or Jameson I consume. This continues
> to be the case, notwithstanding the fact that I have had my ass kicked
> on the felt table-top by everyone from my wife (frequently) to the 90-
> year-old drunk who had to be propped against the edge of the table
> before each shot.
> I have lost games of 8-Ball in at least 15 states, in every type of pub,
> tavern, speakeasy, and hall, BUT I've never been to Kings, Illinois,
> so I guess I'm off the hook.
> Whoever this impostor is that's out there using my name and losing
> at pool in towns I haven't even had the chance to lose in myself yet...
> well, if I ever find him, I'll challenge him and we'll see whose the best.
> (At arm-wrestling, of course. I'd get killed at pool!)
> Merry Christmas,
> Rob

Hi Rob, I may have hit a millimicron below the belt - what's all that
business about losing? I've lost more money to guys who have excuses
and say they haven't played in years - are you setting me up or what?
And I'm not bad at arm wrestling either. My two sons can put me down
with either arm but I can still handle the grandchildren, especially the
Have a nice holiday and prosperous New Year.
Tom in Illinois

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