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From: Rob Hilliard <>
Subject: RE: Those Wacky Diasporas
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 08:12:25 -0500

>I'm a bird
watcher so can it be applied to migrating feathered friends?
I'd vote no on that since the birds come back every year. But then my
vote is worth just about the time it takes you to reach the delete key.

>Aside to Rob Hilliard - are you the same person wholived in Kings
Ill. and tried unsuccessfully to beat me at the game of 8-ball?

I had to respond on the list rather than in private e-mail in order to
defend my impugned honor and billiard skills. Now let me say this
about that -
It is a matter of distinct pride that I consider myself an outstanding
pool shooter. In fact, my opinion of my skill increases exponentially
with the amount of Harp and/or Jameson I consume. This continues
to be the case, notwithstanding the fact that I have had my ass kicked
on the felt table-top by everyone from my wife (frequently) to the 90-
year-old drunk who had to be propped against the edge of the table
before each shot.
I have lost games of 8-Ball in at least 15 states, in every type of pub,
tavern, speakeasy, and hall, BUT I've never been to Kings, Illinois,
so I guess I'm off the hook.
Whoever this impostor is that's out there using my name and losing
at pool in towns I haven't even had the chance to lose in myself yet...
well, if I ever find him, I'll challenge him and we'll see whose the best.
(At arm-wrestling, of course. I'd get killed at pool!)

Merry Christmas,

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