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From: <>
Subject: Re: Those Wacky Diasporas
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 10:41:42 PDT

Dear Scotch IRish Diasporians (and non diaspored),

It is perfectly clear that this word can be used to
refer to the moving about (possibly unwillingly) of
various non-Jewish peoples since our very own cousins
the Irish have co-opted the term for themselves and
proven to the world that it is so.

If the Irish can be diaspora, surely we can ourselves.
(Since one fourth of me is Irish diaspora, if the rest
of me cannot also be, I begin to feel like partially
beamed up cargo from a Star Trek episode, caught in
an inbetween space so Please! You know how awful these
transporter accidents are -- rescue me)

Anyone who doubts the validity of the concept of
"diaspora" -- join Ireland-l and suggest that the Irish
are not really diaspora ..... I think they'll do a
far better job of defending the concept than we can <grin>.
(Please buckle up and put on safety helmet before

Sorry, Rob, about your name. It didn't seem right
when I typed it. I just spent 3 days attempting to
assemble a lateral file cabinet. I am not myself.
3000 screws, folks -- all different sizes. And I put the
molding on upside down.

That's the last time I buy my brother in law Bushmills
if he won't share. Alas, serving drink at a public function
is not something my family thinks of doing -- I didn't
think of it either. I must be related!

I don't think my ancestors were dispersed, driven forth,
or whatever. I think they were fed up and quit. Declared
"We're outa here!" and made good with their words.
Considering their politics and religion -- Ireland (and
the British nation) were better for their going. Where
there's smoke, there's fire, and there's a lot of smoke
around the Covenentors that suggests they were indeed
a rebellious and troublesome lot -- and some of us still

Does anyone have a "Dear Abby" column I can anonymously
send to my brother in law about the etiquette of alcohol
that details how if someone gives you an expensive bottle,
you must immediately open it and share it with the giver??
Anyone like to fake such a column for me?

Linda Merle
-- Thanks, but I already diasported

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