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From: Edward Andrews <>
Subject: Re: Bagpipes
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 14:48:15 +0000

> Hello All,
> I am wondering what the significance is of bagpipes and always playing
> Amazing Grace at funerals and/or memorial services.
> Thanks,
> Sandy
> Everett, WA, USA

And you thought you had a war about the Masons etc.?

The Bagpipes are seen as the national instrument of Scotland, though
they have spread throughout the world.
They have to some extent become part of the tartan tat which many
people think is an authentic statement of Scottishness.
There is also no doubt that the bagpipes can make a wonderful lament.
PLayed with feeling they can make Handle's Largo sound like the

Why people should choose Amazing Grace is a wonder. About 25 years
ago one of the Scottish Military Bands - I think it was either the
Royal Scots or the Scots Greys had a no 1 hit with amazing grace which
up to then was not exactly the best known piece of music, especially
not on the pipes.
As a pipie of another Regiment explained to me - its an awful easy
tune to play on the pipes.

If you want an authentic lament, go for a real one. The Flowers of
the Forest played on Remembrance Sunday brings a shudder to my soul.
There are many other Gaelic ones which are equally sad and
Edward Andrews
St Nicholas Buccleuch Parish Church Dalkeith
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