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Date: Mon, 30 Nov 98 15:46:46 PDT

It's a rare man who is pure Irish Catholic, I suspect.
Many were forced to convert -- many Catholics and a few
Presbyterians were forced to "conform" as well. In order
to hold onto their lands, families designated one son
to convert so the land could be passed on through him.
Otherwise it was subdivided -- and so could not support
a family. And Catholics could not hold long term leases
at all. On the other hand, Catholics were willing to pay
a lot more for a wretched plot of the ol' motherland
than the Scots -- which is why they emigrated to Amerikay
and Tyrone is full of Irish Catholics! (Slightly
abreviated version of history there).

You can find convert roles back in the 17th century.
The Cromwellians were particularly into converting folk
by force. Then if you add in all the Irish who are
really English -- well..... In the 16th century the
Geraldines and the Desmonds managed to kill off 90%
of the people in Munster in one winter. It was repopulated
with English. These were murdered by the next uprising,
but a second kinda "took". Then you add in 8000 horny
Scottish mercinaries, cook slowly for a couple centuries,
and voila! everyone thinks they are Irish...

What do the taigs call the Prods? WOB's??

Linda Merle

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