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From: "Lynn R.McR. Hawkins" <>
Subject: Irish Heroes????????
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 01:34:27 -0800

This person who calls murder's Irish heroes is really most informed!!

To the person who calls murders Irish heroes, asked the Roman Catholics and
Prots. who lost babies, mothers, etc. when your Irish heroes called in a
bomb threat and lied about the location of a bomb and all the shoppers fled
to the safe side of the town of Omagh, County Tyrone, when in fact the
shoppers were headed toward the bomb site and your heroes set the bomb off
killing babies, mothers, etc. and believe it or not, your Irish heroes
killed more Roman Catholics!!

When a Roman Catholic accepts a job with the RUC or any other government
job, its not the Loyalist who kills him, its your Irish heroes who kills
them. In 1992 a 65 year old grandfather who was raising his grandchildren
was shot 17+ times at his front door by your Irish heroes, why, because he
worked in a government building as a janitor!!!!
He never hurt anyone, but the PIRA, your Irish heroes, doesn't allow
freedom of speech to Roman Catholics, or they die too!!!!

How come when Northern Ireland has had elections concerning remaining under
British rule, West Belfast voters went pro-British rule!!

The average hard working, honest Roman Catholic and Prot. get along well.
How come in 1995 Dungannon, Co. Tyrone had its first Christmas Parade since
the troubles began and Roman Catholics and Prots. stood side by side and
enjoyed the parade and when Santa, a British officer, flew in on a British
chopter, Roman Catholics and Prots. alike let their children set on this
Brits lap and tell him their Christmas wishes????!!!!! Your Irish heroes
tried to ruin the Dungannon parade, but it didn't work, because the Roman
Catholics and Prots. didn't let these so Irish heroes ruin it!!!!!

Why did your Irish heroes gun down a school teacher in front of a class
room full of wee children???? Because, the teacher had served in a
British Army regiment years earlier and he never served in Northern
Ireland, but your Irish heroes walked into the classroom, one Irish hero
shot him in the knee and the other brave Irish hero killed him with a
shotgun blast!!

Why is it most all your Irish heroes are uneducated bums, with criminal
records, totally unrelated to the so called cause, prior to their becoming
so Irish heroes.

Why is it your Irish heroes hate the Brits so bad, but they love accepting
Brits pound sterling welfare, including Garry Adams???? Why, because they
are lazy criminals who never worked an honest days work!!

How many good Roman Catholics in America and Ireland were killed in World
War 11, by the Nazi's, who the Irish heroes of the PIRA supported and the
Nazi's aided!!!!!

Why does your Irish heroes kill woman and children in cold blood!! Why
bomb shops, public streets, schools, etc., they are not military sites!!

Why does your Irish heroes target more non-military sites, vehicles and
persons??? Because they are Murdering Terrorist "COWARDS"!!!!!!

Your Irish heroes say their fighting for the Roman Catholics and Ireland,
rubbish!! If all the PIRA terrorist fell over dead today, there would be
peace in Northern Ireland between the Roman Catholics and Prots. Less than
200 active PIRA murdering cowards are preventing peace in Northern Ireland,
not the Brits!! And I'm sick and tired of hearing the "EX-BARTENDER GARRY
ADAMS" and others using religion as the true cause, that Roman Catholics
can't get jobs in the North and are hated by all Prots.!!!! Northern
Ireland has civil rights laws and they are enforced. In the
Republic of Ireland there are no civil rights laws for the Prots. and fair
hiring for Prots., thats why the total population of Prots. in the Republic
is LESS THAN 3%!! But, you don't hear of Prots. in the Republic or
crossing the Border and bombing, robbing, selling drugs and killing Roman

Who has come to America and robbed banks and armor cars???? Yes, your
Irish heroes of the PIRA !!!!!!!

To the person who thinks the PIRA are Irish heroes>>>>>>>>You mentioned
the Irish heroes of 1798, It was probably the United Irishmen, by the way,
they were Roman Catholics and Prots. alike in the United Irishmen.

Another thing, most Americans think because their SCOTS-"IRISH" they should
support the PIRA Terrorist and their part of the cause and donate money to
the PIRA Terrorist, when in fact their ancestors were Ulster-Scots, those
who settled in Northern Ireland in the 1600's from Scotland and supported
William of Orange later. Scots-Irish is a misleading phrase, that began in
America many, many, many years ago. So, many do gooder American's aren't
even Irish and giving the PIRA terrorist money to kill their own
Ulster-Scot cousins!!!! Most of the Ulster-Scot-American's ancestors where
only in Northern Ireland one generation, maybe two, then went to America,
their Scots by blood.

I wonder if the person who thinks the PIRA terrorist are Irish Hero's, even
has ties to Northern Ireland or even has been to Northern Ireland??? Most
likely an arm chair
expert!!!! Because no person in their right mind would support killers of
the people of Northern Ireland, Roman Catholics and Prots. alike!!!! I'd
love to be able to show this person photo's taken in Omagh, County Tyrone,
Northern Ireland before and after the bombing, one photo taken seconds
before the bomb went off by a local reporter of the festival/shoppers and
then seconds after the bomb went off, first photo's shows
a parent pushing a baby carriage with a wee baby in it and other people,
the next photo shows the bloody destroyed baby carriage in the street and
dead and wounded everywhere, body parts, pools of blood, etc!!!!!! A local
newspaper's entire front page is colour photo's of the school age children,
babies, mother's, etc. who were "MURDERED BY THE SO CALLED IRISH

Let me say one more thing, the true "IRISH HEROES ARE THE ONES WHO DIED

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