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From: "Thomas P. Smith" <>
Subject: Re: ebonics
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 23:42:36 -0800

Hedgehog wrote:
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> > I unsubscribed from another list because of this same stupid and racist
> > piece of "humor." We really don't need this on the list, do we?
> >
> > Jokes are great, but this is not funny.
> I thought it was very funny. Just becasue you don't enjoy it doesn't
> mean that others won't. I suppose that all Irish & Scot jokes are off
> limits too? What a shame. We really need to have a better sense of
> humor about such things. Either that or we'll all end up a bunch of
> bitter, sour-faced losers. Right Marilyn?
> Later,
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I hear ya Hedgehog, Pretty funny stuff but not for hipocrits! This is
language evolution in the raw, also it's the first time I've been able
to figure out what these punk rappers were saying.
How do you suppose such descriptive words as flapper, scram, OK,
golly gee, gee whiz, daffy,and nuts, (used in WWII by Gen. Gavin to tell
the Germans his Division would not surrender) ever got into our beloved
English language. By the way, spend some of your effort and energy on
writing or calling your Congressman and encouraging him or her to
sponsor the Bills proposing to make English our Official US language.
Tom in Illinois

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