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From: Marilyn R. Otterson< >
Subject: ebonics
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 14:43:11 -0500

Hello, John,

Don't mean to get into a shouting match with you, but I personally feel
that anything that demeans another person isn't humor. We can joke and
make fun of ourselves, we can tell jokes about our own Scotch-Irish
heritage and families, but I really believe that ebonics posting was
racist and beyond the limits of good taste.

Don't misunderstand......I appreciate a good joke as much as anyone and
have sent a few to this list before Linda asked us to limit our posts to
S-I stuff.....but I thought that ebonics piece was mean-spirited. I made
a mistake, though, in posting my protest to the list when I should have
replied directly to the sender, and since he has apologized to all of us
I see no purpose in pursuing this matter any further. Do you?

<Aquila non captat muscas>
(Drake motto)
Marilyn Armstrong Otterson

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