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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Lords of the Congregation
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 22:20:03 -0700

Hi Dorothy Chance
>With such an excellent, prompt response about the politics of
>Scotland/Ireland in regard to the "Lords of the Congregation" it is in great
>humility that I ask a follow up question:

You mean I got through that gauntlet??

>Were the "Lords" any kind of organized or semiorganized group? Might there
>be information available about who all were involved besides Glencairn and
>the Earl of Morey?

Yes -- the Lords were all the guys lined up against Queen Mary. Start
with any history of Scotland -- the fatter the book the more names you
get. Check in a local library or an Britannica -- sometimes its better to
start with few details so you get the big picture. Otherwise you get
totally swamped in details.

> So, I wonder about this
>group of "Lords." Are they something like Steel Bonnets?

No, more like the Senate or the House of Lords!! Your well heeled
rapacious types rather than cowboys like the border guys. Try Nigel
Trantor -- he wrote a lot of novels on Scottish history too. Yep, think
of them as the Moral Majority flank of the GOP only grouchier and
with more money. The stuffy types in "Brave Heart" who got Wallace
killed were their elders.

You might be able to find your ancestor in Kews -- the English have
always had excellent spies and so most things end up in Kews.
Like who was on the McDonald's invasion of Antrim in the 1550's?
Would you beleive that's in Kews? It takes a lot (I gathered from the
lecture on the topic at the British Isles Family History Society)
to figure out how to figure out what is in Kews. I'd check with the
Scots first if you can't find him in a 4 inch history book. Gotta
be easier to find things in a Scottish library than Kews. I got
the same problem with a BOURCHIER ancestor. They always rate
one line in every history book and nothing more. Wah!!! But I'm
not ready for Kews yet.

Linda Merle

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