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Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 09:29:54 EDT

My Hill ancestors were from Hill's Borough, County Down, Ireland, Scotch-Irish
according to the records I have searched. The earliest Irish records I have
seen are from the 1600's, describing land given to a Moses Hill who APPEARS to
have been English, but certainly at the time of the PLANTATION. Someone asked
if the list were to include English-Irish, which is what prompted my post.

I'm sorry that I introduced my James E. Anderson of Scotland, it should have
been in a separate post.

However, I don't think I deserve to be BASHED in this nasty way, described as
a "bad genealogist." Mea culpa, I am merely a rank amateur, not a
professional like some of you appear to be. If amateurs are not welcome you
should say so initially to weed out the stupid people like me. I did not join
a mailing list to be humilitated.


Marilyn Hill Mansouria

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