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From: Spaniard <>
Subject: Re: Blood types
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 22:46:31 -0700

I have traced the paternal side back to the 1500's and some beyond; it
is pure British Isles. My maternal side is, as far as I can find,
Scot-Irish and nothing else. Of course I realize that there is often a
maurading someone who messes things up but one maurading Basque, herding
sheep probably, wouldn't linger this long would he? He would have to be
prior to the 1700's since he hasn't turned up since then.

> Nancy Blake

Depends on where his genes are on your genome. We recently came into
possession of a treasure trove of pictures of Uncles and Great-Kin. I
now know from whence came three of my children's noses and ears. Appears
to be a SHANKS trait.

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