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From: Nancy Blake <>
Subject: Blood types
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 18:07:39 -0400

Re: 0- being Basque. I do not doubt your veracity for
one moment. However, crazy mixed up person that I am,
I am 0 neg and am a negative receiver and a positive
donor since I lack the C anitgen. Any suggestions?

I have traced the paternal side back to the 1500's and
some beyond; it is pure British Isles. My maternal side
is, as far as I can find, Scot-Irish and nothing else.
Of course I realize that there is often a maurading
someone who messes things up but one maurading Basque,
herding sheep probably, wouldn't linger this long would
he? He would have to be prior to the 1700's since he
hasn't turned up since then.

Nancy Blake

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